We're spring cleaning! Some of our Lineflax & Roving bags have been redesigned or discontinued. The original styles and colors on this page will be available at closeout prices until they're gone. Don't delay—it's your last chance to get one of these sturdy, functional, good-looking bags at these original prices.

MINI (discontinued)

The MINI maintains an understated sense of elegance with its straight, honest lines. It features a zipper closure at the top, 2 outer pockets (1 with zipper), a contrasting inner pocket, key loop, black shoulder straps, and zipper closure at the top. 7.5” wide across the bottom, 11” high, and 5” deep.

Original DASH in indigo (discontinued)

The original DASH is a small tote that features two outside pockets (1 zips closed), a key loop, and black shoulder straps. Dimensions: 10.5” wide x 11.5” high x 4.75” deep.

Original SHOP (discontinued)

Our original SHOP tote is sturdy, durable and hauls like a champ. It features 2 outer pockets (1 zips closed), a key loop and black over-the-shoulder straps. Dimensions: 13.5” wide x 14” high x 7” deep

Original SASS (discontinued)

Our original SASS is sassy and makes a great cosmetics bag or clutch. This 2-toned bag features a zipper closure at the top and a finger loop. Dimensions: 8” wide at bottom (11” at top) x 7” high x 4” deep

GROW (discontinued)

Perfect for gardeners, the two-toned platinum/kiwi GROW bag can be used a purse but is just as happy to carry your garden tools around. It features 2 contrasting outside pockets, 1 contrasting inside pocket and, of course, green shoulder straps.