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This medium size tote with zippered closure is your go-to bag for everyday, everywhere. Sleek and structured, it is large enough to hold a few extras—water bottle, knitting project, sweater or laptop—but still small enough to travel everywhere. The feisty GO has been known to stand in as a tool bag, weighing less than two pounds but willing to haul fifty!


The GO features 2 outer pockets (1 zips closed), a contrasting inside pocket, key loop and black over-the-shoulder straps. Main compartment zips closed at the top. (Also available as an open tote.)


Dimensions: 17” wide/top (11.5” wide/bottom) x 12.5” high x 5.5” deep, 11.5” strap-drop.


LFR bags are super lightweight, super strong, and 100% made in the USA of high quality materials. Sponge-wash clean with dish soap and water.


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