Rustic Linen Kitchen Towel Set

Rustic Linen Kitchen Towel Set


Three textures, three sizes. Our Rustic Linen Kitchen Towels are uncomplicated, sturdy, handsome, and helpful. Pre-washed warm and line-dried to minimize further shrinkage, these towels quickly become a kitchen's best friend, getting better with age. Full set of five towels.

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Made of our favorite canvas-weight linen, the larger towel measures a more robust 19” x 28” size. The two huckaback stripes are a handy 22” x 15”, offered in a warm red and brown, one of each. The two 14” x 14” lighter-weight counter wipes are of a faster drying weave, and have become indispensable in our home for a quick cleaning of countertop and sink.

All of our raw linen products have been washed twice and line-dried to minimize further shrinkage. Avoiding the use of a dryer will help maintain the wonderful crisp hand this sturdy textile has to offer. Raw linen lightens slightly with repeated washes over time to a beautiful soft-grey.