I make things by hand

Cardinale Montano Lineflax & Roving totebags

I grew up surrounded by people who made things by hand. My mother and grandmother sewed, knitted, embroidered, cooked, baked, and canned. My great aunt was a seamstress taught by her husband, a tailor. On Sundays, their dining room table was spread with linen towels covered in handmade drying pasta, the sewing machines waiting along the edges of the room to be used again the following day. Homemade wine from grapes growing in the backyard was enjoyed with dinner. We were dressed in clothing sewn with love by all of these women, and pulled closed handmade curtains when we went to sleep in nightgowns and pajamas also sewn by them. My father was not afraid to build and fix, and he loved to make our home aesthetically beautiful and cozy. In short, if you needed it there was a way to make it. If you didn't have the materials, you learned to improvise and use something else in its place.

To this day the passion of creating things is an integral part of my life and a day is not complete if I have not made something. Through times of less abundance, I have learned to love the challenge of using what I have on hand. The thrill of finding and transforming an ordinary object into something else that has both beauty and purpose is pleasing in a way that satisfies heart and mind.   —Cardinale Montano, founder

Form, Function & Texture

The movement and sculptural aspects of combining textiles is a process that evolves and surprises. Sometimes a material initiates a design, or vice versa. It is especially fulfilling when the end product magically completes a space, or when function and style merge perfectly to transform an everyday accessory into something inspiring that not only performs well, but also communicates personality through creative design. When solid workmanship and textile with integrity meet, the finished result is authentic. What we rely upon daily in our sometimes hectic, modern-day environment, truly can be both ethically sound, and visually appealing. At Lineflax and Roving, our commitment is to offer an aesthetic that is true, good, and enduring. This is our promise.