I make things by hand

Cardinale Montano

Cardinale Montano

I grew up surrounded by people who made things by hand. My mother and grandmother sewed, knitted, embroidered, cooked, baked, and canned. My great aunt was a seamstress taught by her husband, a tailor. On Sundays, their dining room table was spread with linen towels covered in hand made drying pasta, the sewing machines waiting along the edges of the room to be used again the following day. Home made wine from grapes growing in the backyard was enjoyed with dinner. We were dressed in clothing sewn with love by all of these women, and pulled closed hand made curtains when we went to sleep in nightgowns and pajamas also sewn by them. My father was not afraid to build and fix, and he loved to make our home aesthetically beautiful and cozy. In short, if you needed it there was a way to make it. If you didn't have the materials, you learned to ad lib and use something else in its place.

To this day the passion of creating things is an integral part of my life and a day is not complete if I have not made something. Through times of less abundance, I have learned to love the challenge of using what I have on hand. The thrill of finding and transforming an ordinary object into something else that has both beauty and purpose is pleasing in a way that satisfies heart and mind.


The joy is in the making

At this time I offer handmade bags, pillows, quilts, and smaller yet significant additions to a room that can change or contribute to its look easily. Some ask to be repeated and others remain as one of a kind when a fabric calls out to be used just once or twice for something different. My focus is on natural fibers, most especially linen and wool, some hand woven. Bench seats hand made of wood and metal will appear in combination with these as a collaborative product with other artisans. Occasionally a Venetian plaster painting might slip in, or a wall piece made from found items. By using materials and creating textiles that are beautiful in their simplicity, I hope to preserve the simple pleasure with which I make things from them. As Lineflax & Roving grows, I look forward to employing local hand-crafters to grow with me. The joy is in the making and the source of that stays home, or the point is lost.


Form, Function & Texture

The use of fabrics has always been one of my passions. The movement and sculptural aspects of combining textiles consistently evolves and surprises. Sometimes a fabric initiates a design or vice versa. It is especially fulfilling when the end product somehow magically completes a space or wakes up a certain corner as if it were meant to be there all along. The decor of a room can inspire and communicate a mood or create a story. It can exude warmth and comfort through what we use to fill it and if it includes natural materials that have a story or emanate texture, this happens quite readily. After a day spent in the hectic pace of a modern world our home should be a haven that allows us to breathe and dream. It wants to welcome both those who visit and those who inhabit it daily to do so. Thank you for your interest In Lineflax & Roving. I look forward to being part of making your space beautiful.

...the house shelters day-dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace.
— Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space